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>A Civil Rights Protest — at an Art Fair!

>Politics and art mix all the time at art fairs — but generally it’s about who knows the director and gets the best spot. Civil rights don’t come up very often, unless you’re honest enough to notice that they’re aren’t … Continue reading

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>The Critique

>Last month I finally got up the nerve to submit my work to a professional art fair juror for a critique. If you’ve been to art school or a serious art class, you’ve been through a crit. (No, the local … Continue reading

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>Highland Art Fair & Aunt Florence, 1908-2007

>I was watching CNN a few years ago when they ran a human interest story about a woman in Arizona who celebrated her 85th birthday by para-sailing. Oh my gawd! I called my mother. Guess what Aunt Florence is doing … Continue reading

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>Next Generation

>Next Generation is a photograph I created this spring in response to the Katrina Diaries, an exhibit sponsored and produced by the Women’s Caucus for Art, New Orleans Chapter. The WCA – St. Louis Chapter hosted the exhibit this summer, … Continue reading

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