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>No Shortcuts to the Artist’s Life

>George Clooney is coming to town. More than 4000 people filled the shopping-mall-turned-art community this weekend, hoping to be cast as one of the extras in his new movie, to be filmed in St. Louis. My studio is in the … Continue reading

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>The Muse of Change

> 01.20.09 — Let’s Get to Work!, © 2009 Jeane Vogel Photography. Hand-altered Polaroid Photography 01/20/09 — No More Excuses, © 2009 Jeane Vogel Photography. Infrared photograph In classical Greek mythology, there are nine Muses — the sisters of creation.  … Continue reading

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>Teach Me, Don’t Sell Me

>In the business world, this is classic marketing advice: get bodies in the workshop seats by promising to reveal the secret of quick bucks, mete out just enough information to entice your mark, er listener, then close the deal with … Continue reading

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>Peace Corps for Artists?

>There’s been some buzz that President-Elect Obama wants to establish an Art Corps — sort of a Peace Corps for the arts within the United States. The idea is a great one — but with a huge flaw that perpetuates … Continue reading

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