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Who Steals Art?

I understand stealing food when you’re hungry. I understand stealing money when you are desperate. I understand stealing a pretty bauble when you are young and thoughtless. I do not understand stealing art. A couple of Sundays ago I walked … Continue reading

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>If They Gave Awards for Art Fairs…

>If they gave awards for art fairs, then Marion Art Festival and Deb Bailey would win one. What are we waiting for? Let’s create one. Let’s call it the Nancy Saturn Memorial Award and give it those art fair directors … Continue reading

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>George Bailey, meet Darwin

> “Potter’s not selling. He’s buying! And why? Because we’re panicking and he’s not.”George Bailey, It’s A Wonderful Life A room full of scared people trying to get their money out of a rickety, broken down, old Savings & Loan … Continue reading

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>End of the Season

>The country and I wrapped up two seasons this week. The connections between them gave me pause and even made me well up a couple of times. I finished my part of the 2008 art fair season in Memphis this … Continue reading

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>A New Patron

> Living Bouquet, (c) 2005 Jeane Vogel Photography 20×20, $250 framed I was at the Highland art fair this weekend. Highland is a sweet rural Swiss town in Illinois about 25 minutes from St. Louis. It’s not a huge fair, … Continue reading

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>Tough Year for Art Lovers

>This is a tough year. The economy is tanking. The weather has been deadly. Gas prices … well, let’s just say most of us don’t get a share of those huge oil company profits. There’s a trend in times like … Continue reading

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>Death of a Film — Part II

> Sunflower, Mixed Media Painting/Photography, 30×30, $750 SOLD People are aghast when they learn that my Polaroid film has been discontinued. The hand-altered Polaroids are popular and they mourn the loss of new images. So do I. There are five … Continue reading

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>There’s a lot of hype in this world. “We’re the best!” “New and Improved!” “We’re #1!” Blah, blah, blah. It hardly means anything anymore. You can believe it when the organizers of the Belleville Art on the Square fair proclaim … Continue reading

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>Cherokee Triangle

>Even if you don’t think you’ll be interested, if you have a chance to be in Louisville, KY in late April, you MUST go! The last weekend in April kicks off 10 days of Derby festivities. Yes, THAT Derby. There’s … Continue reading

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>A Different Direction

> Summer Storm, image extended onto mat in pastel painting, 11×11 inches,© 2008 by Jeane Vogel The biggest complaint heard at art fairs is “there’s nothing new. It’s all the same old stuff.” Sometimes that’s legitimate. There are artists who … Continue reading

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