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> Cosmos II, (C) 2008 Jeane Vogel I’ve been hearing bells lately. Ding!That’s not Southwest Airlines telling me I’m free to move about the country. That’s the sound of rejection. Ding!It’s a fact of life of artists — and most … Continue reading

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>People die from that, don’t they? That’s the joke in the art world. A well meaning charity worker approaches an artist. We’re raising money, she says, and we’d like you donate some of your wonderful artwork to the auction. It … Continue reading

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>Endings & Beginnings

>Yesterday ended my art fair season for 2007. I have to say this was a great year. Thank you to all my collectors! Each year I wrap up the season at an private indoor show in Webster Groves, MO. Potter … Continue reading

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>A Civil Rights Protest — at an Art Fair!

>Politics and art mix all the time at art fairs — but generally it’s about who knows the director and gets the best spot. Civil rights don’t come up very often, unless you’re honest enough to notice that they’re aren’t … Continue reading

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>Perfect Light

>Photographers notice light. All artists do, of course, but photographers are passionate about it. Everything we do depends on light. An image is ordinary or spectacular depending the light, how we manipulate it, bend it, filter it, see it, exposure … Continue reading

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>St. Louis Art Fair

>Last night I did two things I hardly ever get to do: I went out with my husband (OK, we had an out-of-town cousin with us too, but we WANTED to be with him!) and I walked an art fair … Continue reading

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>Hi! I’m Jeane. And I’m an Art Fair Artist. Yes, it IS a bit of an addiction. We Art Fair Arists pursue that ideal fair — NEXT weekend –that will bring the collector who just can’t live without our work. … Continue reading

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>Thank you, Geneva, IL!

>Geneva Fine Art Show: 168 artists. 4 2-D Awards of Excellence (instead of Best of Show, 1st, 2nd & 3rd place), and a nice little check. Wow! The prize patrol cart stopped in front of my booth Saturday afternoon. Really? … Continue reading

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>Amazing Weekend!

>Wow! What a weekend! ArtFest on Walnut Street in Springfield MO had the best weather in years. Normally this wonderful street show has rain for part of the show. The people come out anyway, but we’re always a little wet. … Continue reading

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>Franklin This Weekend

>I’m deep into editing, printing, matting and framing in preparation for my first outdoor art fair of the season. The show is in Franklin TN April 28-29. Last year a torrential thunderstorm wiped out about half the booths. Mine was … Continue reading

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