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>A Play of Art

> “Peace Offering,” (c) 2008 Jeane Vogel Photography, Hand Altered Polaroid Sometimes I will engage a person looking at my work and it’s suddenly clear I have misunderstood. I thought they were looking at my work in awe, but apparently … Continue reading

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> Cosmos II, (C) 2008 Jeane Vogel I’ve been hearing bells lately. Ding!That’s not Southwest Airlines telling me I’m free to move about the country. That’s the sound of rejection. Ding!It’s a fact of life of artists — and most … Continue reading

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>You Can’t Do THAT!

>What do people need so many rules? Especially artists? Are we supposed to be the ones who are allowed to think beyond convention? Ok, sure. Don’t poke your studio mate with an Exacto knife. That’s a good one. Don’t drink … Continue reading

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