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>No Shortcuts to the Artist’s Life

>George Clooney is coming to town. More than 4000 people filled the shopping-mall-turned-art community this weekend, hoping to be cast as one of the extras in his new movie, to be filmed in St. Louis. My studio is in the … Continue reading

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>It’s Baaaaaaack!

> Let’s Fly Away, © 2008 Jeane Vogel Photography, Hand-altered Polaroid Photograph Polaroid Film. It’s back!  I don’t know for how long and I don’t know how good it is, but a company in Austria is making it again for … Continue reading

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>In August 2001, I opened my first art website. Since then, I’ve added, subtracted and tried to tweak it. Mostly I ended up with a mess. I knew I had to start from scratch. I finished that daunting task this … Continue reading

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>Stuff That Art is Made Of

> “Maple Leaf,” public domain, artist unknown I found this leaf on my walk yesterday. First fallen leaf of fall. Taking time to see the remarkable amidst the familiar: This is the stuff that art is made of.

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>A Different Direction

> Summer Storm, image extended onto mat in pastel painting, 11×11 inches,© 2008 by Jeane Vogel The biggest complaint heard at art fairs is “there’s nothing new. It’s all the same old stuff.” Sometimes that’s legitimate. There are artists who … Continue reading

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> Cosmos II, (C) 2008 Jeane Vogel I’ve been hearing bells lately. Ding!That’s not Southwest Airlines telling me I’m free to move about the country. That’s the sound of rejection. Ding!It’s a fact of life of artists — and most … Continue reading

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>Watching the Death of a Film

> Palm, Variation #2, (c) 2008 Jeane Vogel I spent the weekend in the studio, working on new images. I have exactly 32 fresh pieces of Polaroid film left. 32. From that I might get 10 new images to add … Continue reading

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>Your Artist Statement is WRONG!

> Sand Castle, (c) 2007 by Jeane Vogel, Infrared Photograph Excuse me? He repeated it: Your artist statement is wrong! Wrong? It’s an artist statement! It’s my interpretation of my own work. It’s my opinion! The only way it could … Continue reading

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>Endings & Beginnings

>Yesterday ended my art fair season for 2007. I have to say this was a great year. Thank you to all my collectors! Each year I wrap up the season at an private indoor show in Webster Groves, MO. Potter … Continue reading

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>The Critique

>Last month I finally got up the nerve to submit my work to a professional art fair juror for a critique. If you’ve been to art school or a serious art class, you’ve been through a crit. (No, the local … Continue reading

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