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Artist’s Journal: Ok. What is that?

Morning coffee on the deck. Late afternoon tea on the deck. The view from my cabin at the Lillian E Smith Center is simple but stunning. I quickly developed a routine of enjoying the view as I contemplated the start … Continue reading

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Finding Something New

One of the exercises I give photography students is to go to a very familiar place and find something surprising, something new, and make an image that wows you. It’s a hard assignment. Of course, it’s an exercise in slowing … Continue reading

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>Night Light

> Mars & Evening Stars, © 2001 Jeane Vogel Photography,  Cibachrome print There is something special about night light. It changes with the seasons. Cloud cover, moon phase, even air temperature can change the quality of the light after sunset. … Continue reading

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>Slow Down

> Peace, Love, Luck – Variation #1, © 2008 Jeane Vogel, Infrared photograph Plein aire painters have a huge advantage over photographers. They sit in one place for hours, studying a composition. Removing elements, adding elements. The artist is immersed … Continue reading

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>Happy New Year!

>I spent New Year’s Day in the studio. What better way to anticipate a great year of making art than to work in the studio? I never forget what a luxury it is to have separate studio space. Some of … Continue reading

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>Winter Light

>The Hanukkah candles burned bright at our house this week, with as many as four menorahs at time. The neighborhood is alight with festive bulbs. And last night — for the first time after nearly 10 days of ice and … Continue reading

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>Perfect Light

>Photographers notice light. All artists do, of course, but photographers are passionate about it. Everything we do depends on light. An image is ordinary or spectacular depending the light, how we manipulate it, bend it, filter it, see it, exposure … Continue reading

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