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>You Know What You Should Do…..?

> Sunflower II, Mixed Media Painting, ©2009 Jeane Vogel, 16×16 Is there a connection between artists being told what to do and the banality of most art seen in public places in the US? Bear with me here. The connection … Continue reading

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>Let’s Bring Back the Patronage System

>Anyone who has been to Florence or Rome, or who stayed awake during the Art History class slide shows, has seen the splendor that was created during the height of Europe’s golden age for artists. The 15th and 16th century … Continue reading

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>Best of Missouri Hands

>I got the phone call last Friday, but the official letter came yesterday: I’m now a juried member of Best of Missouri Hands! It’s the art group that sets the standard for excellence among Missouri’s artists and craftspeople. When I … Continue reading

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>The Critique

>Last month I finally got up the nerve to submit my work to a professional art fair juror for a critique. If you’ve been to art school or a serious art class, you’ve been through a crit. (No, the local … Continue reading

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>St. Louis Art Fair

>Last night I did two things I hardly ever get to do: I went out with my husband (OK, we had an out-of-town cousin with us too, but we WANTED to be with him!) and I walked an art fair … Continue reading

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