>A Play of Art


“Peace Offering,” (c) 2008 Jeane Vogel Photography, Hand Altered Polaroid

Sometimes I will engage a person looking at my work and it’s suddenly clear I have misunderstood. I thought they were looking at my work in awe, but apparently it was confusion — or worse!

The person doesn’t seem to know what to say to me, and they fumble. Occasionally that fumble turns to “Gosh, it looks like you have a lot of fun with your work.”

Well, that’s pretty neutral. Doesn’t sound too bad.

Oh, yes, I love this work! I gush. Then I realize — they’re really trying to get away because they don’t find the work compelling at all. They might not understand, or they might not like it, but they want to be polite — so they unwittingly downgrade my work to something frivolous, frolicsome or lighthearted.

Hey! I want to yell: It’s called a WORK of art, not a PLAY of art. I put some serious effort in here!

Then I realize that the work we do in the studio or in field is supposed to look effortless. I don’t want the technique to show. I want the ART to show. It should look as if I’m having fun.

Maybe it should be called a play of art.

About jeanevogelart

Art saves lives. That's my mantra and my motivation. My primary purpose as an artist is to inspire, entertain, make you smile, make you mad, make you think or recall a memory. I strive for work that is intimate and genuine, and sometimes whimsical. It's always more than a "pretty picture." I demand a relationship.
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