About Jeane

Jeane Vogel is an award-winning mixed media, photo and fiber artist. She uses traditional and experimental tools and techniques to expose the world of nature, faith and humankind in a singular light.

She is a Fellow in the Jewish Art Salon, a member of the American Guild of Judaic Art and formerly a juried member of Best of Missouri Hands in photography and mixed media.

She was selected as a featured artist in the book, Best of America Photography 2010.

Jeane Vogel exhibits her tapestries, fiber art, and photography in galleries, art fairs and exhibits throughout North America.  In addition, Jeane produces work in clay, pastels, mixed media painting, and watercolors.

Special Projects:
Symbols & Stories: In Search of Lost Women
Dare to Touch the Face of God

Full Website: Vogelpix.com

Jeane Vogel Fine Art on Facebook

jeanevogelart on Twitter


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