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An Artist’s Journey: China, 8 July 2014

“The Knitter,” ©2014 Jeane Vogel Studios Most of the shopkeepers and vendors were not yet open. This is a street that is keeps trading hours into the wee hours of the morning, and vendors open late. She was sitting in … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Journey: China, 7 July 2014

Bamboo rafting on the Li River, north of Guilin, ©2014 Jeane Vogel Studios, Digital Infrared I’m watching the karst mountain peaks recede as the China South 737 lifts us away from what must be one of the most beautiful places … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Journey: China, 1 July 2014

Renata and I were treated like honored guests by two of Renata’s former students and one of the student’s parents. I have never felt so welcome and honored and special. Never. Wonderful funny moments: my Mandarin was so badly pronounced … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Journey: China, 7 am, 29 June 2014

Incense offerings at Wong Tai Sin Temple, for the Daoist deities, Kowloon, Hong Kong, ©2014 Jeane Vogel Studios A few random thoughts about Hong Kong after 36 hours: • Are there friendlier people on the planet? Truly kind, helpful, cheerful … Continue reading

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An Artist’ Journey: China, 6am, 28 June 2014

Sunrise from Stanley House, Hong Kong. © 2014 Jeane Vogel Studios This is no ordinary journey. This is an artists’ journey to teach, to learn, to expand a studio practice. This is a journey about people. I landed in Hong … Continue reading

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The Land Always Calls

I know I’m a person filled with opposites. I love being with people, but I prefer to work alone. I am down-in-the-ditches feminist, but I like to be home with my husband and kids. I’m a homebody with wander lust. And … Continue reading

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Art, Your Cousin Is Science!

I’m a bit of a science nerd. I want to know how the world works. I want to travel to the stars. I want to understand the cosmos and the stuff squirming under the rock. I don’t want to do … Continue reading

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Searching for Words

Art saves lives. Anyone who knows me or reads my posts knows that’s my mantra. Art is personal expression. It’s communication. My artist statement gently reminds patrons that “art should match your soul, not your sofa.” Art should speak to … Continue reading

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Finding Something New

One of the exercises I give photography students is to go to a very familiar place and find something surprising, something new, and make an image that wows you. It’s a hard assignment. Of course, it’s an exercise in slowing … Continue reading

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Who Steals Art?

I understand stealing food when you’re hungry. I understand stealing money when you are desperate. I understand stealing a pretty bauble when you are young and thoughtless. I do not understand stealing art. A couple of Sundays ago I walked … Continue reading

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