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>The Muse of Change

> 01.20.09 — Let’s Get to Work!, © 2009 Jeane Vogel Photography. Hand-altered Polaroid Photography 01/20/09 — No More Excuses, © 2009 Jeane Vogel Photography. Infrared photograph In classical Greek mythology, there are nine Muses — the sisters of creation.  … Continue reading

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>Film vs. Digital

> Summer Storm on the Current River,  ©1980, 2008 Jeane Vogel Photography, Cibachrome print I got a shipment of Polaroid sepia film yesterday. It’s rare and when I found it, I jumped at the chance to use it again. I … Continue reading

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>It’s Baaaaaaack!

> Let’s Fly Away, © 2008 Jeane Vogel Photography, Hand-altered Polaroid Photograph Polaroid Film. It’s back!  I don’t know for how long and I don’t know how good it is, but a company in Austria is making it again for … Continue reading

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>A New Patron

> Living Bouquet, (c) 2005 Jeane Vogel Photography 20×20, $250 framed I was at the Highland art fair this weekend. Highland is a sweet rural Swiss town in Illinois about 25 minutes from St. Louis. It’s not a huge fair, … Continue reading

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>Death of a Film — Part II

> Sunflower, Mixed Media Painting/Photography, 30×30, $750 SOLD People are aghast when they learn that my Polaroid film has been discontinued. The hand-altered Polaroids are popular and they mourn the loss of new images. So do I. There are five … Continue reading

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>The Art of Photography

> Find Me a Good Seat, (c) 2008 Jeane VogelFrom the So Mama Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away series of Abstract PhotographsPigment Print, 22×30 inches, $350 framed It happened again a couple of weeks ago. It’s been brewing since. A … Continue reading

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>A Different Direction

> Summer Storm, image extended onto mat in pastel painting, 11×11 inches,© 2008 by Jeane Vogel The biggest complaint heard at art fairs is “there’s nothing new. It’s all the same old stuff.” Sometimes that’s legitimate. There are artists who … Continue reading

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