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>ArtSpace Grand Opening May 2

>   Jeane Vogel Studios at ArtSpace in Crestwood Court Part of the gallery, a mixed media painting in process, and studio front It’s taken me three months, but I’m finally happy with the way the new studio is feeling … Continue reading

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>Buying Handmade

>I finally did it. I opened the Etsy shop. If you don’t know about Etsy, I encourage you to explore it. Etsy provides artists a venue to display and buyers to discover small hand-made treasures. Most of the work there … Continue reading

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>You Know What You Should Do…..?

> Sunflower II, Mixed Media Painting, ©2009 Jeane Vogel, 16×16 Is there a connection between artists being told what to do and the banality of most art seen in public places in the US? Bear with me here. The connection … Continue reading

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>f8 & Be There

>Those of us who began studying photography in the dark ages (read: darkroom ages) had this adage drilled into us. f8 and be there!It means that the photographers who get the “best” pictures are those who have their camera set … Continue reading

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>Let’s Bring Back the Patronage System

>Anyone who has been to Florence or Rome, or who stayed awake during the Art History class slide shows, has seen the splendor that was created during the height of Europe’s golden age for artists. The 15th and 16th century … Continue reading

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>Phoning It In

> Concentration, from the Game Series, ©2009 Jeane Vogel Photography, Infrared Photograph Everyone body does it once in a while: phones it in. Creation become mundane. Even work we love can become boring. Maybe I’m feeling sick. Maybe I’m feeling … Continue reading

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>Game Series

> Diversions, (c)2009 Jeane Vogel Photography, Infrared Photograph, from the Game Series Pamper Me, (c)2009 Jeane Vogel Photography, Hand-altered Polaroid, from the Game Series Photographers aren’t taken seriously as artists by many people. My work often doesn’t look like photography, … Continue reading

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