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>Your Artist Statement is WRONG!

> Sand Castle, (c) 2007 by Jeane Vogel, Infrared Photograph Excuse me? He repeated it: Your artist statement is wrong! Wrong? It’s an artist statement! It’s my interpretation of my own work. It’s my opinion! The only way it could … Continue reading

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>Neil Young is Feeling Bad

>Neil Young is in a funk. Last week he announced that music can’t change the world and we were silly to think it could. Here’s what he said: “I think that the time when music could change the world is … Continue reading

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>It’s corny and it’s traditional, but as I look over this year in art and life, I am overwhelmed with blessings: A family who is left to fend for themselves (sometimes they don’t think this a bad thing!) for half … Continue reading

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>A Civil Rights Protest — at an Art Fair!

>Politics and art mix all the time at art fairs — but generally it’s about who knows the director and gets the best spot. Civil rights don’t come up very often, unless you’re honest enough to notice that they’re aren’t … Continue reading

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>Highland Art Fair & Aunt Florence, 1908-2007

>I was watching CNN a few years ago when they ran a human interest story about a woman in Arizona who celebrated her 85th birthday by para-sailing. Oh my gawd! I called my mother. Guess what Aunt Florence is doing … Continue reading

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>A Shelter of Peace

>Sukkat Shalom, a Shelter of Peace, opens Saturday, Sept. 29 at Central Reform Congregation, 5020 Waterman, St. Louis, MO with an artists’ reception and gallery talk from 7-9 p.m. I am so thrilled with this exhibit. We’ve never had a … Continue reading

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>Perfect Light

>Photographers notice light. All artists do, of course, but photographers are passionate about it. Everything we do depends on light. An image is ordinary or spectacular depending the light, how we manipulate it, bend it, filter it, see it, exposure … Continue reading

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>Hi! I’m Jeane. And I’m an Art Fair Artist. Yes, it IS a bit of an addiction. We Art Fair Arists pursue that ideal fair — NEXT weekend –that will bring the collector who just can’t live without our work. … Continue reading

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>I hate it when people brag about their volunteer work, but I’m just going to have to — because Shamon found a FOREVER FAMILY!!!!! I’m bound by my contract not to show his photo, but you can see it here: … Continue reading

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>A Girl and Her Bridge

>I exhibited at the American Artisan Festival in Nashville last weekend. It’s a terrific fair run by Nancy Saturn, who owns the American Artisan Gallery in Nashville. As soon as I drove into Centennial Park, I remembered an encounter I … Continue reading

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