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Slowing Down to Reach Beyond

 Many years ago, when film was just beginning to wane and digital was new, I scored a Mamiya Polaroid 600 camera, similar to this one. Completely manual — no light reading, no auto focus, even a manual shutter! This is … Continue reading

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Jumping Off a Cliff: The Next Journey Begins

Queens, NY It’s almost midnight and my daughter, Hannah, and I have arrived at our hotel for the next 7 hours. Tomorrow morning we board a South African Airlines flight that 24 hours from now will land us in Windhoek, … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Journey: China, 9 July 2014

Atop the City Wall, Xi’an China, ©2014 Jeane Vogel Studios There’s something about standing on a 700-year-old wall, peering out at the moat through an archer’s window, taking in the ancient while dwarfed by the modern high rises towering overhead, … Continue reading

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An Artist’s Journey: China, 5 July 2014

A few images: Sun Yat-Sen’s family home, lotus farm, Buddhist Temple. @2014 Jeane Vogel Studios, all rights reserved. .

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An Artist’s Journey: China, 3 July 2014

Zhongshan Street, ©2014 Jeane Vogel Studios Yesterday day was a slower day. We needed it. We started with a late breakfast, then met a student’s of Renata’s for lunch. A short 20-minute walk in this heat and we arrive at … Continue reading

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Searching for Words

Art saves lives. Anyone who knows me or reads my posts knows that’s my mantra. Art is personal expression. It’s communication. My artist statement gently reminds patrons that “art should match your soul, not your sofa.” Art should speak to … Continue reading

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Finding Something New

One of the exercises I give photography students is to go to a very familiar place and find something surprising, something new, and make an image that wows you. It’s a hard assignment. Of course, it’s an exercise in slowing … Continue reading

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Who Steals Art?

I understand stealing food when you’re hungry. I understand stealing money when you are desperate. I understand stealing a pretty bauble when you are young and thoughtless. I do not understand stealing art. A couple of Sundays ago I walked … Continue reading

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>How Long Did That Take to Make?

> Spring Break, Mixed Media Painting, 20×20, $335 I understand the question. “How long did that take to make?” Artists and craftspeople hear it all the time. I remember the first time I asked it. My family was traveling in … Continue reading

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