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>Oh Sure! Anyone Can Do This!

>Some art collectors like to denigrate photography. “Anybody can take a picture,” I’m told. You cannot image how many times I’ve heard this. It’s said to my face because the patron thinks I’m being paid a compliment! It’s said as … Continue reading

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>Screw Up Your Courage & Get Your Work Out There

> Superior View, Hand-altered Polaroid Photograph, ©2009 Jeane Vogel Working artists, inspired artists, hungry artists produce a lot of work. Some of it is wonderful. Some of it is not. How do we tell the difference? I use a time-honored … Continue reading

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> Moonrise #2, Infrared Photograph (c) 2008 Jeane Vogel Photography I’m the bad mom this morning. Last night, our 7th grader went to her first concert. She went with a friend and a friend’s dad. She met the band members, … Continue reading

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>Stuff That Art is Made Of

> “Maple Leaf,” public domain, artist unknown I found this leaf on my walk yesterday. First fallen leaf of fall. Taking time to see the remarkable amidst the familiar: This is the stuff that art is made of.

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>A Trek

> From the Current River series, (c) 2008 Jeane Vogel, Infrared photograph, $400 We celebrated Hannah’s 12th birthday with a 3 night, mom-daughter camping and canoe trip on the Current River. I used to know this river well, but I … Continue reading

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>Slow Down

> Peace, Love, Luck – Variation #1, © 2008 Jeane Vogel, Infrared photograph Plein aire painters have a huge advantage over photographers. They sit in one place for hours, studying a composition. Removing elements, adding elements. The artist is immersed … Continue reading

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>A Play of Art

> “Peace Offering,” (c) 2008 Jeane Vogel Photography, Hand Altered Polaroid Sometimes I will engage a person looking at my work and it’s suddenly clear I have misunderstood. I thought they were looking at my work in awe, but apparently … Continue reading

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>Watching the Death of a Film

> Palm, Variation #2, (c) 2008 Jeane Vogel I spent the weekend in the studio, working on new images. I have exactly 32 fresh pieces of Polaroid film left. 32. From that I might get 10 new images to add … Continue reading

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>Two New Exhibits

>It’s great to start off January with two new exhibits, including some brand new work! Let’s Skip the Chrysalis has been accepted into the most recent Art St. Louis exhibition, which opens with an artist reception on Jan. 20. ASL … Continue reading

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>Happy New Year!

>I spent New Year’s Day in the studio. What better way to anticipate a great year of making art than to work in the studio? I never forget what a luxury it is to have separate studio space. Some of … Continue reading

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